Don’t Hold Back

November 1, 2016 — Leave a comment


What are you waiting for? You know Christ has called you to make disciples. You know the power of the Holy Spirit living in your life. You know that you wouldn’t be where you are today unless someone invested in you and discipled you in the faith.

So what are you waiting for? You already have someone in mind who you know the Lord is leading you to. Call them, text them, email them, whatever, just contact them and ask them to start getting together. Pray that God would put a burning passion in your heart for this person and that He won’t relent until you take action and contact them.

Discipling someone is the most rewarding thing you can do with your time. So take the time, carve out one morning a week, or one lunch a week or one evening a week. Take the time to really share your life in Christ with someone. People desperately need other people to love them and show them what it means to follow Christ. God as chosen you to do this. It’s not really an option if you are a Christian. This is how God has chosen to build and grow His Kingdom, through you to influence another and help them grow in their faith and understanding of the gospel.

Don’t hold yourself back, get started today. You will never regret it.

All for Jesus,


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Brian Fletcher