Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the tools I use to publish this blog and podcast.  Thanks for checking these out.  As a disclaimer, by clicking through these resources from this site you are helping support this ministry, thanks so much!

ESV Study Bible. Simply the best translation and study Bible on the market.

BibleWorks.  I use this Bible study software everyday. I find it indispensible for personal study as well as preparation for sermons, teaching, etc. If you would like to purchase BibleWorks please contact me directly.

BlueHost web hosting.  If you are starting a blog or podcast then you will need a web hosting company.  I have tried many and this is the best.

Shure M58 microphone.  This is the standard in the industry.  A fantastic dynamic mic for a great price.

Peavey PV6 USB Mixing Console.  This is perfect for getting your podcast started.

Toshiba Laptop.  I know many people love Macs, however, I just can’t afford one.  I’ve had many different brands of laptops and so far Toshiba is the best quality for the money.

Sennheiser Headphones.  You will need a good pair of headphones for creating a podcast, these are very affordable and carry awesome sound.

Audacity. Free audio editor and recorder. It is free and it works like a charm.

Bamboo Tablet by Wacom.  I use this to videoscribe, wonderful tool,

Adobe Photoshop. Can’t live without it.

Camtasia Studio. Create excellent videos.  Their specialty is screen catching. If you ever wondered how those YouTube video look so good, it’s because people are using Camtasia.